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fanfic jalex :)

title: The Truth (episode 1)
author: icyneedle
time: justin is dating miranda, after WOWP the movie

inside *..* is what Alex's thinking

"Alex, where are you going? It's time for school" - Justin says
"Well I'm not going to school, as I don't want to see you with that girlfriend of yours!" - I reply

I turn my back and about to go find something interesting to do when Justin takes my hand and my heart is pounding.. It's like the time when I help people. Weird huh.

"Haha. You're jealous aren't you? Here, you're still my dear sister" - Justin says as he opens up his arm and hugs me,
"Justinn, I'm not a little girl anymore and hush" go to school and meet your dear girlfriend" I say and run through the Waverly Place road, leaving Justin looked confused.

Few hours later in the park...

*Why Justin never understands how I feel! I love him, I love him more than just a brother! Why he never realized it, dork!*
"OH MY..what am I thinking? He's my brother and I shouldn't love him" I say to myself..

"ALEXX!" a voice is shouting behind me
I almost jump " HARPER! Since when are you here?"
"Well. you look spaced out so I shout. Sorry. I'm just here. What are you doing here anyway? Mr.Laritate already says that today you have detention" Harper answers
"Gosh.. I do it tomorrow" I sigh
"Oh right, Justin and I are going to watch the Silence Movie tonight, want to come along?"
"WHAT? I'm not watching that stupid movie! and.. why are you watching movie with Justin, isn't he already has a girlfriend?"
"You mean that freak lady? Justin broke up with her. I don't know why though it's funny" Harper giggles
"Okay.. See Harper, I must go home now, bye Harper" I say as I take my bag
"Bye Alex" Harper shouts as she is waving her hand"

At home..

I just got home and I already know that there's something strange. Justin is sitting with his head down in the counter while mom and dad is still working.

"Justin.." I call to him
"Hey Alex.."  He replies weakly
"Come on Justin, why you break up with Miranda? You should have used magic! I always tell you so"
"Well.. lots of things happen.."he says as he cries
"Come here Justin" I pull his hand to the kitchen and when I am about to chant the return spell Justin stops me saying "Stop Alex, I know that she's not the one for me"
And then we both go to the living room and watch TV together. This is the second time I am able to have peace with him.. Leaning on his shoulders and just keep silent.

I know that there's something wrong with me. It's like I keep on remembering all the stuffs that I've done with Justin, how he defends me when Professor wants to take away my power, how he always fix all the bad magics I have done, and always be there for me. I  know that I shouldn't have this feeling because he's my brother and he just breaks up with Miranda. Justin must be very sad right now.. When I am rolling on my bed, I hear Justin and Harper's voice from the living room.

"Yeah. That movie is so good!" says Justin
"Totally Justin" Harper replies
and they continues talking about the Silence Movie they just watch

I go down the stairs when they realize I'm there and they keep on continuing to talk about that crap movie. I sit down on the sofa and only hear them talking so happily about it. I begin to feel something. I don't like Harper to be near Justin, not like the last time when I want Harper to be friend only with me, but it's more than that. I want Justin to be near any girls, even Harper.

"Justin I have something to talk to you" I talk to him as I pull him away from Harper.
"What is it Alex? Another mistake? Let me finish my conversation with Harper first" he replies
"NOO.NOo.Noo.It's not about that. I have something more important to talk to you. Let's go talk in my room" I say to him and to Harper "Harper can you go home now, I have something to discuss with Justin"
"Oh okay. See you tomorrow night Justin" she says to Justin
"Bye Harper" says Justin
"You're going together with Harper again???" I say
"Yeah, why not? We share the same interest and she's a good friend, if she's not a weirdo"

Then we go to my room and I sit on my bed, thinking what should I say. Justin goes around my room and when he sees the magic carpet, he says"Alex, do you remember how we sneak out at night and I teach you how to fly the carpet?"

"Of course. It's a lot of fun. You are a better teacher than Dad"
"You say that at that time too" Justin says proudly
"OKay Justin, here is what I want to talk to you.."  I say
He sits on my bed, ready to listen to what I've got to say
"Justin... I... love... you... " I say slowly
"..........................................." that's all he replies and then he goes out of my room..
Then he opens up my door again and shouts "WHAT??!"
"Yes Justin, I love you, not as a brother but as a person that I love so much"
"Alex, this is no joke, you can't trick me like this, such as when you make me use that glasses and took it immediately after that?"
"Noo Justin,... This is for real..."
"Oh my ..Oh myy.." He says as he walks around my room "Alex, we're brother and sister. You shouldn't have that feeling"
"I know... I knoww.. but.." I can't continue my talk as tears begin to drop from my eyes down to my cheek." I love you Justin, and I just want you to know about that"
"Alex..Alex.. You know that I love you too, but only as a sister.. as my dear little sister" he comes to me and hug me.
Then I can't stop crying.. I don't remember what happens again after that. I guess I'm too tired of crying and finally asleep..
I just wish that I shouldn't have said that to Justin, or else tomorrow will be a different morning"

What will be tomorrow like? Check out the next episode :)
thanks for reading, comments are LOVE <3

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