Searching for two Jalex fanfics

Seasons of Change, Rated M

Title: Seasons of Change
Author: aceftepicw
Words/Chapters: 43,236/31
Rating: M for a couple smutty chapters and some language
Summary: When Justin comes home for Halloween, the rest of the holiday season, and their lives, seem to change forever.

and another one where justin is in charge of  a valentine thing and alex wants a kiss and justin thinks she means a real kiss?
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Fic: "a girl, a boy, and the mess they made" (Wizards of Waverly Place)

Title: ​"a girl, a boy, and the mess they made"
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Characters: Justin/Alex
Rating: R (for incest between siblings)

“Are we just destined to fail at this thing?” she asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Ya know. Life.”
“Oh. Yeah. I figured that out the day I realized my idea of the ‘perfect future’ included my sister as my wife.”

Link to fic:

Screw It

I know this has been a repeated topic over and over but does anyone have a copy of Screw It? I know that the community is sort of dead but I'm pretty desperate. Thanks for your time. 
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fic: magic is a dangerous thing

a/n: written for the "all things disney" comment fest.

The first time he notices it, he is sure it's a mistake.

At least, that's what Justin tells himself.

Because, there is just absolutely no possible way Alex is looking at him like she once looked at Dean. Nope.

No way in hell.

His eyesight is just getting bad, okay?


The second time is when Juliette leaves him, and Justin isn't nearly as heartbroken as he really should be.

It's because he knows he will always find her.

It's not because Mason's gone too, and yet Alex is still looking at him like he hung the moon for her.


The third time, Justin is sure something's wrong.

It must be a reason. A mis-fired spell. A love potion gone wrong. Something, anything to prove to him that Alex doesn't like him like that.

And he definatley doesn't feel that way about her, either.

And if she shows up in his dreams wearing a dressing gown and little else, well then, that's just his subconcious being creepier than usual.


The fourth time, Justin just knows.

Because this time, she kisses him.

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Yeah I'm a horrible writer but I have great ideas in my head for these two that have never been done. Others can post their ideas here as well if they choose to :)

I will continue to post the ideas here in format and just message me or post here if you wanna take it :) Most are gonna be drama because lets face it. Incest is easier to write that way :P

Story number 1: Name of ship: Jalex

Characters: Justin, Alex and Max

Age of characters: Justin-21 Alex-19 Max-16.

Plot: AU no supernatural/wizards. Alex and Justins parents are dead from a car crash, have been for a few years. Justin is taking care of them. Never went to college and couldn't graduate high school because he had to take care of them since their parents passed away. So he has two jobs instead just to make ends meat which are at the library and a book store. Alex has a job as well as a waitress. Max is in school and is a troublemaker/in with the wrong crowd. Alex has been feeling lousy and notices bruises appearing for a while. for a couple weeks and decides to go to a doctor and finds out she has Leukemia. -Go from there ;)

Rating regulation: M

Type of story: Continuation

Story number 2: Name of ship: Jalex

Characters: Justin, Alex, Max, Harper and Jerry

Age of characters: Justin-17, Alex-16, Max-13, Harper-16 Jerry-38

Plot: Theresa passed away a year ago from cancer. Jerry has been in depression ever since. Justin and Alex have grown a lot closer since their moms passing. Justin is overprotective of Alex. One night Alex sneaks out of the house to go to a party, has to walk there but ends up getting raped on the way there. She survives being raped but is never the same again. -Go from there ;)

Rating regulation: M

Type of story: Continuation


Story number 3-Coming soon

Desperate search for a fanfiction

Hello everyone!
I noticed that this awesome community seems to be dead but I still hope that some of you are still around to help me out:

I am desperately looking for a fanfiction. Problem: I know everything. Title, author, plot. But unfortunately the author has deleted the story a while ago. I know some people frown upon the sharing of deleted fanfictions but I'm desperate here and hope that somebody has it saved on their computer. I swear that I only need the fanfic for private usage only and will not put it online.

Which fanfiction am I looking for?

Name: Screw It
Author: ShortLILPunk

Thank you for your help :)