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FIC: Rush Hour (NC-17)

Well, this must be my quickest smutfic in awhile - I think I wrote in about three and a half hours? In the middle of my Sherlock Holmes marathon-inspired fic, proving once again that the most guaranteed method for me to get inspiration is to work on something else. *sigh*

TITLE: Rush hour
AUTHOUR: TaleWeaver
SERIES: Lost Weekend universe (takes place after ‘sick with love’)
FANDOM: Wizards of Waverly Place
SPOILERS: Third Wheel. Mentions of a couple of other ‘rules’ of the LW series.
RATING/CONTENT: nc-17, m/f sex. Consensual incest between siblings
DISCLAIMER: The characters of WOWP belong to the Disney Channel, and lots of people who are not me. No profit is being made from this work, and no copyright infringement is intended.
SUMMARY: Thanks to a dare from Stevie, Alex tries to seduce Justin on the subway. It turns out better than she dreamed.
PROMPT: 30 Lemons #2 The audience.

“Okay, Monday lunch! Time for The List.”

Alex smirked, and settled into a more comfortable sitting position on the dingy carpet in the most rarely-visited section of Tribeca Prep’s library.

She’d been sleeping over at Stevie’s house several weeks ago, when the topic of sexual experiences came up. Stevie had been bragging about her new college boyfriend, and how he never liked doing it in a bed. She’d been shocked when Alex mentioned that she also had a lover, but they were keeping it secret. Partly because it was more exciting that way, partly because her parents would never approve of him.

“Not to mention Justin!” Stevie joked. “He’d blow his stack if he thought someone was defiling his precious little sister.”

Alex had just grinned. Stevie had no idea, and never would, that Justin was the one defiling Alex – and doing it so well that she constantly begged for more. Especially the night of the full moon.

But that was how the List had been born. Together, Stevie and Alex had come up with a list of all the unusual or risky places they could think of to have sex, and made a bet; whoever could cross off the most places by the end of the school year won. They’d sealed the bet with a spell to ensure honesty – and discretion. Scores was totalled every Monday. They were fairly evenly matched; Stevie’s boyfriend was always up for kinky sex, but she could only see him on the weekends. Alex had access to Justin 24/7, but it usually took a lot of persuasion to convince him to try new locations – he was justifiably paranoid about their getting caught. Alex knew the possible consequences, but this was too good an idea to give up. She’d borrowed a book from Stevie on glamors and magical disguises, and told Justin there was no way that he could master all the spells in a week.

Stevie opened the small notebook they used, and grabbed a pen from her shoulder bag. “Alright, this week’s scoring. I did Central Park, my parent’s bed, and public bathroom.”

“Wait a minute,” Alex asked, her eyes narrowing. “Was the public bathroom in Central Park?” At Stevie’s nod, she pointed out, “We agreed – no double claims! On that note, I claim public bathroom and the subway.”

“The subway?” Stevie asked. “No way.”

Alex’s smirk grew. “Yes, way. We agreed that hand or mouth contact with sexual organs counted.” She leaned forward and whispered loudly, “During rush hour.”

“Details,” her friend demanded.

Alex shook her head slowly, still smirking. “A lady never gives details.”

Two days earlier

A briefcase banged into Alex’s knee, and she grimaced. But no New Yorker actually complained about bumps on the subway. It was considered par for the course. Only tourists complained about things like that. Normally, Justin, Max, Harper and herself walked home from school together, but she and Justin had stayed late for a student council meeting, then decided to walk uptown for some time in Central Park – it was the nearest they could get to an actual date without using magic for cover.

She felt the warmth of Justin’s arms curving around her waist from behind, and felt him draw her backwards, his chest flush against her back. The bell rang as the doors slid open, and the crowd surged. Shuffling sideways and back against the current, Justin and Alex managed to nudge themselves in the corner of the carriage. The train hissed and pulled out of the station, and Alex settled back against Justin, leaning her head back onto his shoulder, and enjoying the feel of his body against hers. They didn’t get the chance to be affectionate in public very often, but the chance of anyone recognising them on the subway was ridiculous.

Alex stared off into space dreamily, not-seeing everyone else in the car doing the same thing. It was the strongest unwritten law of the subway; everyone ignored everyone else. Surrounded by people, you might as well be alone.

Alex inhaled sharply at the realization, and her eyes darted around as she checked her surroundings. She and Justin had their backs to one wall, and their left sides to another. There was a couple of people in front of them – who both had their backs turned towards them. Her large messenger bag completely blocked the right sides of their bodies from just above the waist to at least mid-thigh.

Muttering a quick spell she'd learned from Stevie's book, Alex grinned evilly before she tilted her hips backward and slowly, subtly rubbed her butt against Justin’s crotch. She heard his sharp inhalation, and she did it again, using more pressure. She felt him start to harden, and his hands moved to her hips, clutching in a silent warning. Instead, she slid her left hand behind her and unerringly cupped the fly of his jeans. Justin buried his face in her hair at her left temple – so no one could see his face – and groaned softly. Alex licked her lips and massaged him slowly, feeling his growing erection.

She wasn’t really surprised Justin was responding so strongly; they hadn’t made love for almost two days, and Alex had been feeling edgy all day. She sometimes wondered if the were-wench potion was even more effective than they had thought.

Alex tried not to sigh as Justin’s hand closed around hers, pulling her away. At least now she’d made sure that he’d take her tonight – hopefully before dinner. Then she gave a tiny gasp as Justin took her hand again, and moved it between them once more. But this time, she could feel the hard smoothness of his bare cock against her palm. Her fingers closed around him automatically, and she tried not to let her jaw drop to the floor.

Holy shit! Justin wasn’t stopping her – he was actually playing along!

Alex shifted her weight, and discovered that her panties were soaked.

She stroked slowly, the angle of her arm making her grip a little awkward, but surely. She knew every ridge and muscle on Justin’s cock by heart. She ducked her head forward to make her hair fall around her face, hiding the expression of lust she couldn’t mask. Justin pushed back the hair on her left side, making it look simply as if they were a cuddling couple exchanging sweet nothings. He shifted back a little to give her more room to work, opening up their stance on the left side, where a blank metal wall was the only possible witness.

With the increased space, Alex could slide her hand almost up to the head, and rub her thumb over the tip, smearing pre-come. She badly wanted to lift her hand to her mouth and lick it off – that always drove Justin nuts. Hell, who was she kidding? She wanted to turn around, sink to her knees and suck on his cock as he fucked her mouth without mercy, right in front of everyone on the train.

She kept sliding her hand up and down, tightening her grip on the upstroke and loosening just a little on the down, the way she knew he liked it. Without much lubrication, she had to be careful she didn’t hurt the sensitive skin.

“Alex,” Justin muttered in her ear, “I can’t come now! You’re too short for me to slide into you upright, and you can’t bend over. You’re not wearing a jacket, so I can’t use a sleeve, and if I come under your skirt it’ll look like you wet yourself.”

“Just a little longer,” Alex begged under her breath.

Justin thrust up into her hand, as if in agreement, and Alex grinned. Then she realised that he hadn’t done it intentionally; the subway had stopped, and the momentum of the train had forced their bodies forward. The noise of the train tripled with the shuffling of people moving to leave the train, standing passengers moving to a seat, and new ones climbing aboard. In the commotion, Alex felt Justin’s hands underneath her skirt, pulling down her panties. He yanked them over her hips and down her thighs swiftly, and Alex shimmied to send them to the floor. Instead of stooping down to pick them up, he kicked them into the corner of the carriage instead.

Alex struggled not to beam with delight. She’d never dreamed he would be the one to up the stakes like this, and her pussy was twitching and throbbing with need. Alex pressed her bare thighs together to try to ease the ache.

“Don’t even try it!” Justin snarled. The low vibrations against her skin sent a fresh wave of tingles through her.

Justin didn’t get sexually aggressive very often, but whenever he did it made her knees go weak. She was a little puzzled he didn’t do it more, actually.

Frozen, they waited for the flow of passengers to settle and re-align. When the trained lurched forward with a groan, Alex sighed in relief. Not only were the two passengers forming a wall in front of them still turned away, but the new person at their right side was facing away, talking loudly to someone out of sight, providing them even more cover.

Alex hurriedly shifted her feet apart, widening her stance. Her skirt stayed flat and still in front, but from behind it folded up, leaving her rear view exposed to Justin. Her breasts heaved with a gasp of longing as she felt the tender, familiar touch move over the curves of her ass and delve between her thighs. One hand immediately thrust two fingers into her soaked channel, the other hand curved awkwardly at the wrist to give the other room, while still reaching down and around to rub at her throbbing clit.

His normally gentle fingers worked her harshly, chafing her clit until almost hurt, and pistoning frantically in and out of her core so that his knuckles kept colliding against her folds. It was exactly what Alex craved, and when he added a third finger, it only took a few strokes until a small but fierce climax hit her.

Alex clutched Justin’s cock, her grip clenching and releasing him in rhythm with her convulsing pussy, and felt Justin’s hand joining hers, gripping the base in a desperate attempt to keep from joining her in orgasm. As the wave of pleasure passed, Alex quivered with the effort of trying to keep her panting inaudible, while Justin groaned quietly as he painfully crammed his bulging cock back into his jeans.

Justin leaned forward and muttered in her ear. “We need to get off at the next station. Badly.”

Ten minutes later, Alex was reaching above her head to tightly clutch a metal doorway frame with both hands. The corners cut into her palms, but she didn’t care. She had her legs wrapped around Justin’s waist, and his hands were gripping her ass, supporting her even as he slammed her up and down on his cock. He’d pushed her shirt up to her neck, and pulled down the cups of her bra, so her breasts bounced violently as Justin fucked her standing up.

This bathroom was tiny, hidden away under the main staircase. No one came here because there were no doors – the cubicles had thin walls separating them, but the doors had never been installed in the frames. The entrance only had a cornered wall blocking it. Only a couple of right angles stopped everyone passing through the station from seeing them fuck. Nothing but the noise of the crowds stopped them from being heard.

“You bitch!” Justin muttered, as he shoved up so hard Alex nearly came. “I can’t believe you did that to me in public!”

“I- oooh Justin,” Alex moaned, “I can’t believe you did that back to me in public, ohgodfuckmeharder!”

Justin had pulled her buttocks so far apart that she could feel the cold air of the bathroom brush against her anus, and she found it almost as exciting as being surrounded by people while she rode his cock. She really had to figure out how to get him to do this to her more often.

“Shit, I’m nearly there,” Justin growled.

“Let me come first,” Alex begged.

“Hurry up then,” he grunted and thrust impossibly deep, once, twice, three times, and Alex bit her lip at the delicious pain as his cock pummelled places inside her that he normally couldn’t reach. She whimpered as her inner muscles clamped down on him brutally, and barely felt his molten seed erupting inside her, the contractions of her own orgasm milking him. Delaying his climax had made it more intense, and he kept pouring into her after she was finished. Body shaking with aftershocks, Alex’s head dropped backwards as she stared up at the white-tiled ceiling, and Justin’s come kept spurting inside her until he finally ran dry.

He lifted her off and down, and Alex’s knees nearly gave way as her feet hit the ground. She shifted her legs apart to steady herself, and felt liquid dripping from her to pool between her feet on the concrete floor. She looked down at the small milky puddle in dazed surprise, as Justin shoved a bundle of toilet paper at her. She just blinked at him, and Justin sighed in exasperation, having already straightened his own clothing. He gently pushed her against the wall, and reached under her skirt to wipe her inner thighs and entrance. A wad of tissue pushed inside to collect the remainder, and Alex moaned as the rough paper brushed against still-tingling nerves.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake Alex, you can wait until we get home,” he hissed.

Alex glared at him, her afterglow vanishing abruptly. “Well, you’re the one who made me leave my panties behind. I’m going to have to go commando all the way home!”

“You deserve it. I thought we agreed that we’d never try anything new without discussing it first?” Justin snapped, flushing the clump of paper down the toilet.

“We’ve have sex in exposed places before,” she retorted.

“The subway at rush hour is more than exposed, Alex! What if we’d been arrested for public indecency?”

“I cast the ‘you don’t know me’ spell - no one could remember our faces! No one would have recognised us!”

“You didn’t tell me that before!” Justin snarled. He stepped forward and sandwiched her body between his own and the wall. “When we get home? I am going to bend you over and ride you until you’re walking bowlegged!”

Alex looked up at him, licking her lips. “Can we teleport home?”

Justin sighed in exasperation, as his cock twitched in new interest. “Fine.”


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