sapphire (write_x_always) wrote in justin_alex,

fic: magic is a dangerous thing

a/n: written for the "all things disney" comment fest.

The first time he notices it, he is sure it's a mistake.

At least, that's what Justin tells himself.

Because, there is just absolutely no possible way Alex is looking at him like she once looked at Dean. Nope.

No way in hell.

His eyesight is just getting bad, okay?


The second time is when Juliette leaves him, and Justin isn't nearly as heartbroken as he really should be.

It's because he knows he will always find her.

It's not because Mason's gone too, and yet Alex is still looking at him like he hung the moon for her.


The third time, Justin is sure something's wrong.

It must be a reason. A mis-fired spell. A love potion gone wrong. Something, anything to prove to him that Alex doesn't like him like that.

And he definatley doesn't feel that way about her, either.

And if she shows up in his dreams wearing a dressing gown and little else, well then, that's just his subconcious being creepier than usual.


The fourth time, Justin just knows.

Because this time, she kisses him.
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